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pathetic caverns productions

mobile, live and demo recording

sound reinforcement

pathetic caverns productions is a Somerville, MA-based studio which specializes in mobile, live, and demo recording of rock bands. we'll bring our equipment to your rehearsal space or gig for tracking. mixdown and some overdubs can be done at our facilities.

why do we do it this way? because there's something special about the sound of people actually playing in a room together. people play better in an environment that's familiar and comfortable. the energy and feel of a live performance is sometimes more valuable than studio polish. we think that's worth figuring out how to keep your guitar amp from bleeding into your drum track.

but why can't you have it all? the heart of pathetic caverns productions' recording facility is based on 24-track protools. once the basic tracks are in the digital domain, you can polish them as much -- or little -- as you like. and since protools is an industry standard, you can track with us, mix with someone else, or vice versa. we're easy.

what have we done? One track on the recent Mitch Easter tribute (Laughing Outlaw records) was produced and engineered by pathetic caverns productions. Billboard magazine picked "King Kilowatt's crunchy, girl-group indie fuzz-up" of "Mr. Fool" as one of the disc's highlights.

you've got questions. give us a call. drop us a line. let's see if we can answer them.
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