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Nancy A. Collins

Wild Blood

Last year I thoroughly enjoyed the omnibus edition of Collins' trilogy of novels featuring vampire anti-heroine Sonja Blue -- it got me through a long day down at the courthouse on tap for jury duty, for one thing. And while they had a few clumsy moments, the sort I thinka re excusable in a writer's early novels, they were pretty fresh, especially for examples of the increasingly hackneyed punk vampire subgenre.

So Wild Blood, which shares a common background world littered with various supernatural critters, was quite a disappointment. It's original in the sense that I think it's the only novel I've ever read about werewolf society, but replace snapping jaws with switchblades and/or Harleys and the novel's plot could have been lifted straight from dozens of teen-gang flicks, only a little more brutal, and with more explicit language.

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