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Pamela Ribon

Why Girls Are Weird

Although Ribon takes pains to point out that Why Girls Are Weird is fiction, some of its bones are fact: like her character Anna Koval, Ribon created a website where she discussed personal issues without having a clear sense of what the ramifications would be if the site became popular; and Ribon reworked some of her most popular journal entries into the novel. Koval also blurs the lines between "fiction" and "fact" in her own context; in particular, she lets her web-persona continue to date a guy she broke up with some time ago, with predictably disastrous results. Much of it, especially the journal entries, like her advice on how to fake sports enthusiasm, is quite funny. In a few places it's almost unexpectedly serious, but mostly it's breezy fun. Some familiarity with the filmography of John Cusack may be helpful.

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