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eclectic reviews and opinions

Great Reset Button of Life

ample tribes for sullen King Pounder

(Ladder the Christmas Monkey Records, 2004)

Struts & Shocks

(Kimchee Records, 2002)

Survival is for Cowards

(Second Nature, 2002)

Radars and Maps

(Victim Records, 2003)

John Peel Sessions

(Manifesto, 2001)

7 March, 1997

9:30 Club (Washington, DC)


(See see not the best of 2003 (but good) in opinions)

Ode to the Urchin

(Doldrum Records, 1999)

Shut Up, You Fucking Baby

(Sub Pop, 2002)

No Means Yes

(Two Sheds, 2002)

Jesus Loves Stacey

(Dischord/Skoda, 2001)



(Metal Blade, 2001)

(See King Diamond/Black Rose, 20 Years Ago: A night of Rehearsal)

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