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Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Season 6)

Somehow, I never got around to writing about Buffy until now -- dumb move, since my kickbacks from Amazon could have defrayed a week's cost of hosting this site by now. But I guess it's kind of fitting that pathetic caverns' coverage starts with the point at which many fans think the show jumped the proverbial shark.

So, yes, the "magic is the new crack" plotline is awfully heavy-handed, with the magical crack den being particularly egregious. But here's what I forgot about this season until I watched it again: although in many ways it's awfully dark, it's anything but resolutely dark -- the self-styled villainous "Trio" cheerfully plunders every comicbook cliché the Whedon, Noxon, and crew can recall, earning gobs of slightly-uncomfy laughs even while the major characters are squeezed through wringer after wringer.

And the much vaunted musical episode, included herein, is a marvel, with songs of uncommon wit and melodic sturdiness, and performances that are surprisingly okay. Even if you hear a little of the graineness of Auto-Tune pitch correction here or there (and I think I do) really, who the hell cares?

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