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Tank Girl

1995, D: Rachel Talalay, S: Ted Sarafian

Tank Girl seems to have died a swift box-office death, which is a real shame, since in terms of Mad Max-derived apocalyptic visions, this was a lot more fun than the much more expensive (but equally dumb) Waterworld. Emily Lloyd (A River Runs Through It) was originally cast in the title role, and allegedly quit the day before shooting was scheduled to start when she found out that she'd have to shave her head. This seems to have been a great thing for civilization, 'cause the exuberant Lori Petty got the role instead. The movie is absolutely stupid as blazes, but at least it never commits the crime of taking itself too seriously, and it has some moments of absolutely inspired weirdness -- the Cole Porter scene and the beat jazz poetry scene are both priceless. Malcolm McDowell is suitably slimy as the nutso bad guy, and I'm way impressed with rapper Ice-T for not finding this sort of silliness below his dignity. Très cool. Bonus points for featuring Iggy Pop in a cameo as a would-be child molester.

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